Courtney | Goal – Weight loss & tone

Amazing results from working out on our Milon Circuit

Courtney started her journey at The Circle Gym Club when we opened in January 2020 & within the 1st five months had lost a huge 3 stone & also reduced her body fat by 9% through working out on our Milon Circuit 2 / 3 times per week until the 1st lockdown & then moved onto taking part in weekly online Powerhoop classes on Zoom. 

1 year later & Courtney has kept the weight off & celebrated her birthday in style in November 2020 with a fantastic comparison photo that was taken only 14 months previously!  

Gemma | Goal – To Build Muscle

Outstanding real results from working out on our Milon Circuit

Gemma already had a slim and toned physique but desired to gain muscle mass and definition. She trained on our Milon Circuit twice a week from January until lockdown and her amazing results speak for themself 

Denise |Goal – Weight loss & tone

After experiencing a huge bereavement I’m not ashamed to admit that I suffered terrible anxiety that affected me on a daily basis. It affected my confidence, my self-esteem & my personality.

Once I started going to the gym I began to feel motivated & generally happier with myself & the more I established a routine, the more I started to believe in myself.

After the 1st 8 weeks I started to feel more like my old self again & for the first time in my whole life I began to build some body confidence. 

My fitness has massively improved. I am loving every minute of my journey & if I can do it anyone can!

Denise McFadden

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