Bungee Super Fly is a resistance & cardio training, full body workout in which you perform various exercises while floating in a bungee harness.

During this high intensity training session you will do various exercises in a fun & challenging way. The Bungee cords support every movement during your workout & ensures a unique exercising experience, unlike any other!

In bungee, we offer weekly beginners, intermediate & advanced classes.


Our Powerhoop classes are not only fun but very effective.

Designed to sculpt & strengthen the core muscles in your waist, tummy & lower back using genuine, deluxe weighted hoops. 

We combine lots of fun & games with a great workout too.

We offer beginners, intermediate, all-levels & also bootcamp style hoop classes.


A fun, low impact conditioning class.

Using high quality Reebok stability balls this class combines slow & controlled exercises with strength & stamina to reshape the body & burn calories!


HIITstep is a new and innovative 30 minute HIIT exercise class using only bodyweight and a step.

Using the principles of High Intensity Interval training, this class is choreographed to bespoke soundtracks created by some of the UK’s top house DJs.


Fat Burn Extreme is a new concept in Instructor led fitness training & weight loss exercising.

The first of its kind, it is a fixed 20 minute, maximal intensity workout.


LBT is a full body aerobic, toning workout that will make you work up a sweat.

Designed to target common problem areas (legs, bums and tums). LBT classes will help you build muscle and tone up.

We often include the use of resistance bands to help sculpt & tone your booty!


Bringing a night out to your workout.

Clubbercise is a full body workout with banging soundtracks that gets results.

One session burns around 600 calories.

The routines combine dance, toning & combat moves with options to suitall fitness levels.

Classes are held in our darkened studio with disco lights & glow sticks.


Circuits is a 30 minute class which consists of various stations, some which are set up with resistance bands, dumbbells and kettlebells. 

Perform each station for a period of time before moving on to the next. 

You will sculpt and tone whilst keeping moving in a supportive, group setting. 


Abs Blast is a 20 minute class which focuses on core engagement, strength and endurance.

With advancements and modifications for each exercise, Abs Blast is suitable for everyone.

All fitness levels are welcome to come along. Come crunch, sit up and plank with us.


Contrary to belief, it’s easy to join in Zumba. Even if you don’t have killer Salsa moves or are trained in ballroom dancing.

In fact our Zumba classes celebrate the ability to learn the moves as you progress through the classes. 


Our stretch class is a 25 minute class which focuses on both physical and mental relaxation. A full body stretch session which is beginner friendly and can be modified to include more challenging moves for those who are looking for a deeper stretch. During this class we focus on breathing, muscle relaxation and mental clarity.


POUND is the world’s first cardio jam session inspired by the infectious, energising & sweat-dripping fun of playing the drums!

Using Ripstix, lightly weighted drumsticks, engineered specifically for exercising, POUND transforms drumming into an incredibly effective way of working out.

Designed for all fitness levels, POUND provides the perfect atmosphere for letting loose, getting energised, improving your health & rocking out!


GameFit is a new concept designed to give sports coaches a readymade training session targeting all aspects of fitness in maximising results in minimal time. It is a fixed 20-minute training session with no dictated rest periods. Participants work until failure, rest only for recovery and go again, making it specific to the individual regardless of age, gender or fitness level


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Beginners dumbbell class


Making boxing fun!

Satori Yoga


At Satori Yoga, the aim is to utilise the life changing gift of yoga to offer you a chance to find some stillness in the often chaos of modern life. Namaste!

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